Air Rifle Fun Shoot

Shoot will be at the Upper (Law Enforcement) Range
January 11th
9:30 am to Noon

This is a family oriented Air Rifle shoot for all skill levels.
Safety and fun is our primary goal.

      Bring your own air rifles cased or covered they must be checked and approved
by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) before using on the range.

Eye and ear protection are mandatory while shooting.
We will be shooting reactive targets suited for each type of air rifle and ammunition type.
High power air rifles will be limited to under 20 foot pounds of energy.
Minors need to have a parent present.
BBs and steel shot can only be used on soft targets on the BB range.
Hard targets to be shot at with soft lead or alloy pellets.
Some loaner air rifles will be available.

Air Rifles Only
Air pistols will not be allowed at this shoot.
An air pistol shoot may be scheduled at a later date.


Need more information?
Call Dave Johnson