Black Powder

Black Powder shoots are held on the first Sunday of the month.
9:00 am
We shoot long rifles and pistols.


May 5th
Black Powder Novelty Shoot Results

1st John Texeria & Good Gary (Tie)

2nd Shane (Junior Shooter!)

3rd Steve Terry & Gene Moss (Tie)

Atascadero Muzzleloaders
Black Powder Frolic Results
April 3rd - 7th

Trailwalk Ron Prescott
Smoothbore Rifle
Kirk Peterson
Old Coot
Gene Gomes
Cartridge Rifle
Gary Grabowsky
Flintlock Rifle
Gary Grabowsky
Doug Weatherly
Ron Prescott
Rifle Paper Ron Prescott

Top Ten!
1st Ron Prescott
2nd Ethan (Junior!)
3rd Frank Luenser
4th Dave Boal
5th Good Gary Grabowsky
6th Gene Gomes
7th Leonard Smith
8th Bad Gary Babcock
9th Bob Krien
10th Victor 


2019 Frolic Photos


February Match Results

1st - Bob Krien
2nd  - Gary Grabowsky
3rd - Coe Lagos

Photos From Yesteryear